About East Coast Toast

Lets make a toast to the first photo we took of our food truck back in 2017.  Like most of us, the truck has worn many hats throughout the course of its' life.  It all started back in 1964 as a "Charlie Chips" Delivery Truck.  We've had people come up to us and tell us they remember when it was the Charlie Chips truck.  More recently it was "The Duke Mobile", a traveling DJ.  We heard that a few years ago it made its' way down to Graceland. We love that our truck likes to travel just like us!  As of 2018 it has officially become  the East Coast Toast Truck, located in Rochester, NY. 

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democratandchronicle.com Tracy Schuhmacher @RohChaChow


"East Coast Toast Truck: It's a crumby business"

Words, video and photos by Olivia Bauso

There’s a new food truck on the block- one that may be particularly appealing to avocado-loving, millennial taste buds...continued in link